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About Us

CheckMJ is the only B2B business review platform serving the legal cannabis industry that provides users with community-sourced reviews and issue reports on the businesses and people they work with every day. CheckMJ’s business review and license verification platform encourages increased accountability and transparency through providing real-time insights and reports on users’ business networks, while also promoting the best businesses and products in the industry.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster better business in legal cannabis through increased transparency, accountability, and community-sourced insight while promoting great businesses.


Cultivating Accountability

CheckMJ’s rating, review, and issue reports platform allows only verified active users to submit business reviews and issue reports.  Users cannot rate businesses anonymously, paving a two-way street of accountability. The desire for positive ratings and a great reputation will compel cannabis industry professionals – and therefore cannabis businesses – to engage in better practices and decision-making.


The CheckMJ Platform 

CheckMJ’s issue reports and business ratings system effectively serves as a business credit reporting platform for cannabis businesses. If a business does not pay their bills or deliver a product in a timely manner, this can be easily be addressed by submitting an issue report or leaving a review (which includes a star rating for various operational categories. Similarly, if a business goes above and beyond to provide great products or fantastic service, this can also be reflected in the review/rating section.

CheckMJ’s unique rating categories were developed based upon our founders’ 20+ years of combined operational experience across numerous cannabis verticals including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and finance – we thoroughly understand the importance of trust and accountability in all business relationships.  We believe the necessity of having a great reputation – built upon trust, follow-through, and treating others well – will continue to drive professionalism in our industry, and CheckMJ seeks to be a catalyst for continued positive change.

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